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Ophydian Destroyers Came From Below

The new Ophydian Destroyers kit contains 3 Destroyers and a Plasmacyte. The Destroyers resemble nothing so much as a cross between Canoptek Wraiths and Flayed Ones. Between their claws and hyperphase weapons they’re looking very choppy!

Ophydian Destroyers box art

Weapon and Model Options

Like the Skorpekh’s, Ophydian Destroyers are fixed for building. Two carry hyperphase threshers and Ophydian claws. The thresher & claws models are whirlwinds of destruction for light infantry and will put a dent in regular Space Marines. Due to the special rules, Ophydians throw out 3 thresher attacks at AP-3 D2 and 3 claws at AP-1 D1. Or they can switch the order of attack for 2 thresher and 4 claws. Between Hardwired for Destruction and WS 3+ few of the attacks will miss. Wounding with S4 is 50/50 against marines, so it will be touch and go.

The third model in and Ophydian Destroyer’s unit carries 2 hyperphase reap-blades. While they have the same chances to hit, they’re even more lethal than hyperphase threshers. Strength 6 strikes has a greater chance to wound against heavy infantry. The Damage of 3 kills even Gravis and Terminator armored marines with one strike.

Including the Plasmacyte for your Ophydians limits them to deploying on the board. While boosting their Strength and Toughness is worthwhile, being unable to use Tunneling Horror makes them less effective Skorpekhs. Unless part of your plan includes leaving them on the board, leave the Plasmacyte at home.

Ophydian Destroyers In Battle

Ophydians prosper when under a Dynasty that lets you get a bonus on the charge. Due to the 9″ limit for tunneling, any bonus helps make a charge more possible when they arrive. You’ll be looking at Novokh for the charge. Also, Novokh’s added AP helps as well. On the other hand, the rules allow for custom dynasties. Taking Butchers as your Dynastic Tradition nets you a +1 to charge. Meanwhile, you’re free to take Relentlessly Expansionist (so good!) for a free 6″ Normal Move before play begins as your second trait.

Whatever your other choices, Ophydian Destroyers make the second leg of a triad for a Destroyer Cults army. They fill the fast attack slot and are quite deadly on the offense. Keep them close to a Lokhust or Skorpekh Lord for the United in Destruction aura and run them with their brethren.

If you’re not running a themed force, yuou’ll want to think about other choices. Skorpekhs are tougher and stronger at the same cost, so Ophydians only beat them out when you’re tight on Elite slots or need Tunneling Horrors. Likewise Canoptek Wraiths are tougher, faster, have shooting options, and a 4+ invulnerable save. There’s a lot to like there. The Ophydians compare better due to improved AP and tunneling. It is all about the tunneling!

The choice, as always, is up to you.

Join us over the next few days as we dig into the new releases for the week. Last week’s review can be found here. By the way, the Hexmark Destroyer makes a good relay for Command Protocols, especially when Protocol of the Hungry Void is in effect.

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