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Origins 2023 – A Week of Board Games to Remember

The Board Game Rundown was at Origins 2023, and they have a lot to share with you. Check out the links below to see who they ran into and what they did:

Origins Introduction – Tim and Spencer talk about what excites them most being at Origins.

Exclusive Interview with Martin Wallace – Tim asks Martin Wallace about old classics and upcoming titles, such as Bloodstones and Fantasy Fighting Adventure.

Interview with Eric Lang – Eric Lang of Ankh fame can’t get past Tim’s booth without having to talk about games, design, and IP management.

Kevin Levy conversation – Dan runs into Kevin Levy and talks about his game, Red Reign Fall.

Catnip Auction House – Learn how to play the cute but strategic betting/push-your-luck game, Catnip Auction House, with Bob, from one of the minds behind the game.

Jeff Irving Interview – Tim sits down with the designer of the Vrahode Game System. To put it in Jeff’s own words, it’s like “if Gloomhaven had a baby with Hero Quest and Uncle Shadows of Brimstone raised the child in an art gallery.”

Distilled designer Dave Beck – Spencer chews the fat with Dave Beck of Paverson Games for a deep dive into Distilled and their next project, Luthier.

After the Empire – Bob picks the brain of Evan Halbert designer of After the Empire, and talks about future plans for the game as well as other titles to come.

The Mustache Meeple – Jason Rodriguez chats with Tim about the industry, conventions, favorite games, and more.

Sorcerer’s Arena interview – Sean Fletcher, head designer of Sorcerer’s Arena, talks about this Disney and Pixar-themed battle arena game and future tournaments.

Keith Matejka – Tim talks with Keith Matejka, the mind before Roll Player, about his crowdfunding campaign for Stone Spine Architects, a drafting game where players construct their own dungeons.

Dragon Dice – Spencer and SFR Inc.’s Cliff Wiggs discuss the history and future of the dice-based war game, Dragon Dice, including their new crowdfunding project.

About the Author
Spencer was born in California and has since moved and lived all over the country before settling in the South Bend, Indiana area with his wife and children. He is a writer currently working on his second novel as well as a co-host on Board Game Rundown. His interests are multitudinous and include brewing beer, voice acting, playing guitar, backpacking, and, of course, playing board games.

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