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Origins Announces 2023 Award Winners

The Origins award winners for 2023 were announced by GAMA (Game Manufacturers Association) and the Academy Of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design at the Origins Game Fair last Friday.

There were also new members inducted into the Hall Of Fame :

  • Mark Rosewater, designer
  • Martin Wallace, designer
  • Mathias Wigge, designer
  • Jeff Easley, artist

In total, sixteen awards were given out this year in all categories.

Here are the Origins Award winners:

  • Retail Game of the Year: boop.  by Smirk & Laughter Games
  • Origins Fan Favorite: Flamecraft  by Lucky Duck Games
  • Board Games – Social / Light Strategy: Creature Comforts by Kids Table Board Games
  • Board Games – Strategy: Planet Unknown by Adam’s Apple
  • Board Games – Thematic: Dead Reckoning by Alderac Entertainment Group
  • Card Games: Scout  by Oink Games
  • Children’s Games: HONK! by Sinister Fish Games
  • Collectible Games: Magic: The Gathering – Universes Beyond: Warhammer 40k Commander Decks by Wizards of the Coast
  • Game Accessories: Deluxe Board Game Train Sets by Little Plastic Train Co.
  • Graphic Design: Pathfinder Savage Worlds Box Set by Pinnacle Entertainment Group
  • Game Review: Board Game Quest by Mind MGMT Review
  • Miniatures Games: Lion Rampant: Second Edition by Osprey Games
  • RPG Core Rules: Coyote & Crow by Coyote & Crow
  • RPG Supplement: Agents of Dune by Modiphius Entertainment
  • 2D Art: Cowboys with Big Hearts by Bully Pulpit Games
  • 3D Art: Super Mutants: Swan by Modiphius Entertainment
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Dve (pronounced "Dave") is a long-time hobby gamer who writes about and plays board games, miniatures games, card games, and tabletop role-playing games. He also works part-time at a Friendly Local Gaming Store in northern Indiana.

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