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Origins Game Fair Starts Tomorrow

The annual tabletop gaming convention, Origins Game Fair, opens its 2023 season tomorrow. Hosted by GAMA (Game Manufacturers Association), the annual event is held in Columbus, Ohio. It boasts over 5,000 gaming events over the week, along with a vendor hall and other events, and has attracted over 10,000 attendees for each convention since returning post-COVID in 2021 and 2022.

Origins began in 1975, with its first convention held in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1978, GAMA assumed management. For many years the convention moved locations from year to year, finally settling on Columbus as its ongoing location in 1996.

While technically smaller than its big brother, Gen Con, Origins is still a very significant convention in tabletop gaming. The annual Origin Awards ceremony takes place during the con, and many well-known and beloved games had debuts at Origins, including the first edition of the tabletop RPG, RuneQuest.

This year’s convention theme is Games Around The World.

As of this writing, attendee badges are still available. Check out the Origins website for more info. And if you’re there, look for the Game Talk Network booth in the exhibit hall and say hi to Mark for me!

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