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Pathfinder Beginner Box Days

Want to know how to get started with Pathfinder second edition? From April 22-30th, Paizo offers Pathfinder Beginner Box Days. It’s a two-session event to play an adventure called Menace Under Otari. In this adventure Paizo promises “combat, exploration, skills, and even puzzles!” There will be two levels, called upper and lower. The upper level teaches basic rules, while the lower level introduces some more advanced play.

Player signup is already open at BeginPF2.com. The event organizers will use Discord to connect players and game masters on the Pathfinder Second Edition channel.

Game Masters can register sessions by creating an event at RPGChronicles.net. You’ll need to use event code 2711409 and must include your Discord username. Game Master signup is open until April 17.

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