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Pathfinder Previews New Ancestries and Heritages

In the upcoming Remastered editions of the Pathfinder core books, the concept of races and subraces has been retooled as Ancestries and Heritages.

The Player Core has the following Ancestries:

  • dwarf
  • elf
  • gnome
  • goblin
  • halfling
  • human
  • leshy
  • orc

Publisher Paizo says that you can choose to take attribute boosts and flaws suggested for your ancestry, or forgo this and customize attributes tailored to your character concept.

Heritages are versatile too. There are Aivuarin (who share elven and human ancestry) and Dromaar (who share orc and human ancestry), as well as extraplanar origins such as Nephilim and Changeling.

Pathfinder Heritages

You get one heritage and one lineage feat for your character, but you are otherwise encouraged to create the look and culture of your character to hint at other ancestries too. Paizo gives the example of an aiuvarin character whose eyes have changeling characteristics, though the character doesn’t happen to have taken a changeling feat.

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