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Pendragon Starter Set

Chaosium has announced a new starter set for their award-winning tabletop role-playing game, Pendragon. It’ll be released on June 29th.

Here’s what the set will include:

  • Book I: The Adventure of the Sword in the Stone (“Learn the rules for Pendragon as you play this solo adventure”)
  • Book II: The Fabled Realm (“Everything you need to know about the game’s setting and core mechanics”)
  • Book III: The Sword Campaign (“A beginner-friendly campaign taking the Player-knights through the most important early events of King Arthur’s reign—three game years in all”)
  • Appendices (“Additional rules and setting details introduced as you play through The Sword Campaign”)
  • Pregenerated Characters (“Eight Player-knights, ready for adventure”)
  • Battle Cards (“Eighteen cards for generating Battle Encounters and Opportunities”)
  • Dice (“A set of seven polyhedral dice suitable for roleplaying in Pendragon”)

Originally created in the mid-80s, Pendragon features an innovative game system in which you play out epic sagas involving generations of noble knights over seasonal adventures that blend in with manor life. You’ll play the initial character you create as well as their children, and so on, in a line of renown. The game features themes of chivalry and heroic questing.

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