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Possible UPS Strike May Cause Supply Problems

Unionized UPS workers have officially voted in favor of a possible strike as early as August 1st of this year when their current contract expires. They’re currently undergoing negotiations with UPS management but haven’t yet agreed on pay changes.

If the strike does happen, experts are predicting a lot of trouble with shipping and supply chains. While there are competing carriers, it’s doubtful they have the capacity to suddenly ramp up enough to address the shipping shortage the potential UPS strike could cause.

Not only is this a potential problem for the US economy, UPS is also a major carrier, of course, for both distributors shipping to Friendly Local Game Stores, as well as direct orders from publishers and manufacturers.

Let’s hope things work out for the best, though! Between now and August, we’ll find out how it’s going to settle.

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Dve (pronounced "Dave") is a long-time hobby gamer who writes about and plays board games, miniatures games, card games, and tabletop role-playing games. He also works part-time at a Friendly Local Gaming Store in northern Indiana.

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