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Pre-Orders: Age Of Sigmar, Gutter Bowl, Space Marine Board Game

Here’s all the info on the latest products available for pre-order from Games Workshop.

Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar Starts Off The Dawnbringers Saga

The first campaign book for the Dawnbringers campaign can be ordered now. It’s called Harbingers, and will be part one of four for this storyline and narrative play.

There are also four new Regiments of Renown, one for each Harbinger in the story. The book comes with rules for these, and a Path To Glory battlepack.

Harbingers Limited Edition

There’s also a Limited Edition of the book with a soft-touch cover, gold foil details, gitl-edged pages, and a black ribbon bookmark. There are only 500 numbered copies.

General’s Handbook

The next handbook for Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar matched play is now available for order. It’s a 96-page volume with the latest battlepack, twelve new battleplans, eight battle tactics, and six grand strategies. It also has updated battlescrolls for universal Endless Spells, rules for the new Primal Frost lore, two new core battalions, and other enhancements.

New Regiments Of Renown Models

There are now models available for the new Regiments Of Renown.

Phulgoth’s Shudderhood
Jerrion’s Delegation
Fjori’s Flamebearers
Braggit’s Bottle-snatchaz

Gutter Bowl

Gutter Bowl offers a new, unofficial, street-level, and more brutal way to play Blood Bowl. The expansion set includes:

  • Gutter Bowl Rulebook
  • Double-sided game board with streets and sewers
  • Two matching dugouts

New Blood Bowl Team Model Sets

Old World Alliance: Middenheim Maulers
Old World Alliance Team Card Pack
The Underworld Creepers
Underworld Denizens Team Card Pack

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