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Preview: New Space Marine Detachments

The new Codex: Space Marines for Warhammer 40,000 is set to release “soon.” Today, Games Workshop (GW) gave us a preview of the six new detachments that will be available in the codex.

First, though, they informed us that the Oath of Moment rule is getting nerfed. Originally, this ability allowed your Astartes army to target one chosen enemy unit per round, and get Hit and Wound re-rolls against them. Now, you’ll only get the Hit re-rolls.

1st Company Task Force

Extremis-Level Threat

In spite of the Oath of Moment nerf, though, the Extremis-Level Threat rule allows your 1st Company Task Force to get Wound re-rolls with Oath of Moment! Although, only once per match.

Iron Resolve

The Iron Resolve enhancement grants Feel No Pain 5+ to one model, and also allows that model, once per match, to give it to their entire unit.

Legendary Fortitude

Then there is one of 1st Company’s Stratagems, Legendary Fortitude. It nerfs your enemy’s attack for a whole turn, subtracting 1 from the Damage stat of any attack for a selected model close to a charge move.

Firestorm Assault Force

Close-Range Eradication

For the Firestorm Assault Force detachment, all ranged weapons are Assault weapons. Also, when targets are within 12″, you get a +1 to the attack’s Strength stat.

War-tempered Artifice

This Enhancement simply adds 3 to the bearer’s melee strength!

Gladius Task Force

There are also some additions for the only detachment we’ve had available for Space Marines so far in tenth edition. Gladius Task Force.

Armour of Contempt

The Armour of Contempt Stratagem allows a targeted unit to nerf the attack’s Armour Penetration value.

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