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Privateer Press Announces Official Launch of WARMACHINE: MKIV

Privateer Press, best known for the award-winning WARMACHINE and HORDES miniatures, has just announced the official release of WARMACHINE: MKIV. Announced in June 2022 and passed through an extensive beta test that began at the end of October, WARMACHINE: MKIV has officially launched and features all new models made with 3D printing technology and three all-new armies: Orgoth Sea Raiders, Cygnar Storm Legion, and Khador Winter Korps. A fourth army, Dusk House Kallyss, will follow sometime in the summer of 2023.

All game rules and model stats can be found in the newly developed WARMACHINE app, updating instantly as new models are released. The WARMACHINE app can be accessed for free, and offers an optional subscription plan that provides unlimited cloud storage for army builds, access from multiple devices, and weekly premium content releases including fiction and lore, scenarios, and Organized Play resources.

More information about WARMACHINE: MKIV can be found here, or check out the official press release below.

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