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QuestChest Launches Kickstarter

Let it never be said that having a level of immersion in your D&D game is overrated, nor that it’s easy to pull it off with a busy schedule. Oh sure, you can look up tips to set the mood more. Or get creative with your map displays. Or figure out little ways to screw with your players’ heads. But life has a way of draining…well, the life out of you.

Dungeons and Dragons and (Sleep) Deprivation.
I’d say this is me getting up for a morning shift, but she has way better hair than I do.

Thank the gods for something like QuestChest.

Stepping up the DM-in-a-box approach, I’m not exaggerating when I say that these things have everything for an immersive Dungeons and Dragons experience. (Well, excluding the DM and cat that keeps jumping on your battle map.) And we’re not just talking maps, a book, or even custom made music (though all are present). We’re also talking scented candles to set the mood, physical clues to puzzles, and professionally-recorded lines of dialogue (by Thomas Lennon, no less). One one of the offered adventures even provides plot-crucial tea for your players to drink.

I apologize for no dad jokes.
D&D&D; Dungeons and Dragons and Darjeeling.

At the moment, there’s only two D&D night-ready adventures, Stone Oaths and Golden Lies and Assassin’s Crown…is what I would say if there wasn’t a Kickstarter out for five more adventures. You’ll be lead to a mysterious tower. Trek through a strange bazaar. Venture beneath an ancient city. Knock back drinks at an unassuming bar. All before all these missions tie together in the fifth box.

Predictably, the tier with all five adventures is pricy ($199), though this is cheaper than the normal price tag ($250). Of course, you have the option of getting only one box of your choosing for $49.

You have until July 6th to immerse yourself.

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