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Ravensburger Tweets Response To Upper Deck Lawsuit

Today Ravensburger tweeted a response to the news of Upper Deck’s lawsuit about the upcoming Lorcana trading card game.

They state, “We at Ravensburger stand behind the integrity of our team and the originality of our products. The baseless claims filed this week are entirely without merit, and we look forward to proving this in due time.”

So it’s now official, at least as far as Twitter goes: Ravensburger claims no wrong-doing and will fight the suit. I couldn’t find any other announcements from them, such as press releases or other media coverage, but the Tweet is definitely from their account.

Upper Deck has announced they are suing due to a former Upper Deck employee now working for Ravensburger, who they claim used intellectual property from the development of a game for Upper Deck (called Rush Of Ikorr) and used it to create Lorcana (a Disney-themed trading card game) for Ravensburger.

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