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Renegade Game Studios Threatens Action Over A Game With “Renegade” In Its Name

Renegade Game Studios (RGS) has issued a Cease & Desist order to an indie game company, The Polyhedral Knights (TPK), demanding that the creator drop the word renegade from its new game, called Renegade City.

Renegade City was a Kickstarter with a modest goal of a few thousand dollars, and received the order within about nine hours of the Kickstarter campaign ending. The campaign itself got to just $3,697.

RGS gave TPK until June 23rd to respond before they will register a trademark complaint to Kickstarter. Then, if TPK complies, they’ll have two months to completely remove the word renegade from all products in the project.

The game’s creator, Mickey Barfield, has said that he plans to comply with the order because he feels he doesn’t have a real choice, working for a small company that does not have the monetary resources to fight a legal battle with RGS.

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