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Renegade Game Studios To Co-Publish By Night Products

Renegade Game Studios announced today that would begin co-publishing LARP products with By Night Studios for all future World Of Darkness 5th Edition Live Action Role Play (LARP) releases.

By Night owns the license to Mind’s Eye Theatre’s titles, the innovative LARP games that began in 1993 with the first publication of the game, Mind’s Eye Theatre: The Masquerade, based on the tabletop game, Vampire: The Masquerade. The Mind’s Eye game was the first LARP title based on an established tabletop role playing game, and was a groundbreaking title that has had a huge influence on LARP games that came after it.

Rather than sitting around a table rolling dice, LARP players act out what their characters are doing, and speak in character as much as possible (sometimes exclusively, based on the game and how it’s being run), often in some kind of appropriate space or prepared set.

Renegade’s announcement states that By Night will remain in charge of creative direction on the Mind’s Eye books and that Renegade will expand distribution of these products into new channels. They also will actively market these products on behalf of By Night.

By Night recently completed a highly successful Backerkit campaign to produce Laws Of The Night, the first in a planned series of Vampire LARP titles, and the successor to the previous product, Mind’s Eye Theatre – Vampire: The Masquerade.

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