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REVIEW: Korg, the One Person TTRPG

Back in December, I mentioned a little Kickstarter by the name of Korg, which was a TTRPG that you could play by yourself/fit in your wallet.

Well, guess what just came in the mail, reader!

Who needs a table to play a TTRPG?
Still waiting for “The Goon” movie though, Kickstarter…

Like I mentioned in the article, Korg is a very barebones TTRPG experience. Your quest is simple: you’re an adventurer with 20HP that can retire once you obtain 50GP. And like other forms of art agonizingly imitating life, retirement might just as well be a pipe dream.

Using Korg’s two plastic cards, you pick from four dungeons, roll a D6, and try to defeat whatever threat attributed to the number you roll up.

Please don't be the sparkly kind of vampire...
Sadly no dragons to seduce.

Or, you know, die trying. Which I did in the handful of rounds I played. And yeah, Korg can be a pretty quick TTRPG experience, especially if your dice app hates you. (Also, use a dice app if you’re on the go.)

But while having about as much narrative as a nutrition label, I can’t say that Korg isn’t a fun way to pass the time. Yes, stuff is left up to chance, but you also need to balance buying items verses risking losing items/not building up your retirement fund.

And again, the idea of playing a TTRPG by yourself is as interesting as playing one without a DM.

Oh, speaking of…

(Missed the Kickstarter? You can also buy Korg here!)

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