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Rogal Dorn Astra Militarum Preview

Trust GW to be sneaky. I was promised a big reveal from Codex: Astra Militarum and I thought they meant a large chunk of rules. Nope, they meant a large vehicle. Behold the new tank design, the Rogal Dorn.

Two Rogal Dorn Tanks support Cadian Shock Troops attacking a Black Legion Heretic Astartes squad.  Cadian sentinels, and Rough Riders visible in support.

As you can see, this beast of a tank weighs in somewhere between a Leman Russ and a Baneblade. It runs on wide tracks with a large hull and turret. The turret bears your primary weapons. The tank in the back of the pict capture has two battle cannons, the same as carried by the Leman Russ. The Dorn in the forefront utilizes a new oppressor cannon and coax autocannon. A gun “capable of knocking out almost anything up to a Chaos Knight in a single salvo”.

As for secondary weapons, you have a great number of combinations and options available. Weapon sponsons are a common feature on Imperial tanks. Rogal Dorns may carry heavy bolters, multi-meltas, or skip the sponsons. Likewise, a pair of optional hard points in the lower forward hull bear meltas, heavy stubbers, or headlights. The only mandatory secondary lairs in the upper forward hull. Where a Leman Russ would carry a heavy bolter or lascannon, Rogal Dorns deploy a castigator gatling cannon or pulveriser cannon.

Finally, there’s a pintle mount and firing step at the back of the turret for your storm bolter or heavy stubber. It takes a brave guardsmen to ride back there!

Check over the gallery below for other views of the Rogal Dorn.

Warhammer Community has promised one more model preview next week. I’m REALLY hoping that means the Army Box drops this November! Until then, look over the previous spoilers at Astra Militarum Preview Roundup or Attilan Rough Riders Astra Militarum Preview.

Videos and photography originally posted at Warhammer Community.

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