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Secret Lair: 30th Anniversary Countdown

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite “holiday movies” is the Tim Burton classic, A Nightmare Before Christmas. Pretty fitting for the Halloween season, but Wizards of the Coast and the Magic the Gathering team seem to have turned that idea on its head. What if the “time for good cheer” comes up during the season of ghosts and ghouls?

Countdown For 30 Years!

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Magic the Gathering, the Secret Lair is releasing the 30th Anniversary Countdown Kit starting November 1st at 9AM PT. Unlike other Secret Lair drops, this kit will be a limited print run that will only be available through November 4th at 9AM PT or until they’re sold out. Yep, that is correct, if you’re wanting an early Christmas gift or planning to grab one for someone special you’ll need to snatch it up quick!

What Tricks & Treats Wait Beneath This Christmas Tree?

Being a Secret Lair product, the thirty boosters will arrive in stylized wrappers marking their year within the thirty years of Magic and each card will be given the Secret Lair treatment by some of the most popular artists they’ve worked with in the past. The cards included will be “some of the highlights of Magic,” as the announcement touts, over its three decades and features many tournament-winning cards among them. So far they have revealed seven of the thirty cards, as follows: “Shark Typhoon,” “Necropotence,” “Chrome Mox,” “Birthing Pod,” “Elspeth, Sun’s Champion,” “Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh,” and “Bloodbraid Elf.”

The other twenty-three cards will be made available for perusal at the Secret Lair site beginning October 24. Once you check out the full list you can decide whether the $149.99 price tag will be worthwhile for you and be ready to pounce on the webshop to order your kit when it goes live. Wizards is also stating that there will be a thirty percent chance for any of the cards to instead be upgraded to a traditional foil copy. If you’re able to get one, the kit should even arrive by December 1st (depending on your region).

How Many Days Left Until…Countdown?

Remember it’s October 24th for the full list and November 1st to 4th to order. You can put a little Magic into your countdown to New Years, your birthday, National Play Hooky Day, or anything else you like. Best of all, unlike certain other products with astronomical price tags, this kit is filled with cards that are actually legal to play! You can find all the currently available information here.

Til Next TIme!

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