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Secret Lair x The Walking Dead Closing Soon

If you’re new to Secret Lair, this is Wizards of the Coast limited time release of cards with alternate art and presentation. However, the newest Secret Lair changes all that. Secret Lair x The Walking Dead introduces all new mechanically unique cards based on AMC’s long running show.

As noted in our previous article, Secret Lair x The Walking Dead Crossover, Magic’s head designer Mark Rosewater told us that these cards, with these names, and this artwork, will not be reprinted. However there is nothing stopping Wizards of the Coast from reprinting cards with the same game rules, but with different art and names, in a future Magic set.

.Also, to add fuel to this fire, the cards are available for play now on Magic Online. In fact, a Pro Tour Champion piloted the Walking Dead cast to a 5-0 victory in Legacy this week. Whether this is a one off, it was a Pro Tour Champion, or an indication these cards are too good just adds more Fear Of Missing Out to the decision of purchasing this Secret Lair.

Now, this Lair opened on October 4th and closes this October 12th at 12:00 PM. So, take a look at the crew and choose if they’re worth the price of admission.

In addition to the 5 Legendary Cast Members you also receive 5 Walker tokens and a Treasure token based on events in the show.

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