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Secret Lair x The Walking Dead Crossover

Back at the beginning of September Wizards of the Coast teased the upcoming Secret Lair x The Walking Dead as part of the Zendikar Adventuring Party video. This week, we’ve learned the Secret Lair opens for order on October 4th. We’ve even been graced with a few of the cards in the drop with more to come in the days ahead. Take a quick look.

Walker token is bog standard zombie

The Walker token creature was first revealed in the Adventuring Party video. 2/2 Zombie with Bicycle Girl artwork. Just what you’d expect from a Secret Lair, a standard card with themed artwork.

Michonne, Ruthless Survivor
Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
Legendary Creature

However, Michonne, Ruthless Survivor, breaks the Secret lair pattern by not being a reprint with alternate art. She’s an entirely new card. “Mechanically Unique” is the term Wizards has used to describe her. While her representation is fun and flavorful, there isn’t anything game breaking about her.

Negan, the Cold-Blooded
Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
Legendary Creature

Negan, on the other hand, has been generating a groundswell of pushback from Magic fans. He’s forcing creature sacrifices when he enters the battlefield and generating Treasure tokens any time your opponent sacrifices a creature. The ability is a bit more powerful and will combo well with other Treasure decks. And this is where things get salty.

Unlike last year’s crossover Secret Lair, Ponies The Galloping silver border set, these cards are black border and confirmed to be playable in Eternal formats, including Commander. There’s nothing game breaking to date, but later, when some unanticipated combo shows up, players who passed on this Secret Lair will have little or no access to these cards.

Fortunately (?), Magic head designer Mark Rosewater has commented on the discussion. “While the Secret Lair is the one chance to get the Walking Dead versions of these cards, we have the ability to print the Magic versions of these cards in future products. So, let’s say Negan becomes a popular Commander, we can print the Magic version (same card mechanically, but with a Magic name and art) in any number of future products. This is not a case of us being unable to make more of a popularly played card.” So, while your time to get these exact cards is limited, there may be opportunities in sets or promotions further down the line. It isn’t confirmation, but it is a solid, honest answer to the concern.

Now, let’s get back to some spoilers! Second Walker token, after all, we need two for Michonne. My comment, “Ewww, just ewww.”

Walker token is bog standard zombie, art mk 2

Negan’s Treasure token, that hits any fan of the show right in the feels.

Treasure token, not even worth a rename.

nd then we have Glenn, the Voice of Calm. Skulk lets him slip past your opponent’s blockers. Drawing cards after dealing combat damage is a very nice ability. If you’re including Gless, then you should have any number of ways to pushing up his power after blockers are declared. Try Righteousness for some old school, hand filling fun.

Glenn, the Voice of Calm
Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
Legendary Creature

The Secret Lair opens October 4th. Grab them then, wait for a stellar trade, or hope for a reprint. The choice is yours. Secret Lair x The Walking Dead will retail for $49.99.

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