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Skill Check Cards Spice Up DnD

DnD skill checks. That moments when your fate decided by the mere flick of a dice, and when you realize that trying to seduce a guard into an ambush is a (+0) Persuasion check instead of a (+10) Deception.

To be fair, there IS a difference between Persuasion and Deception in DnD.
To be honest, this failed Persuasion skill check is usually how my flirting turns out IRL.

Two Starving Gnolls decided to make your nat 20’s more exciting and your nat 1’s more soul-crushing, having created a deck of skill check cards to add more to your next DnD session.

If I had to guess, I’d say that every failure card is either March of Burgeoning Death or that one Mew card that was given out during that “Pokemon 2000” movie.

Gone are the days of your basic “Yes, you were able to steal the crown from the king’s head” and “No, you could not escape the grasp of Tinkerbell, the queen’s pet Owl Bear.” This 116 card deck covers every skill check, each success/failure having multiple versions. You only draw from the success pile for every nat 20, the failure pile awaiting every nat 1. Every card holds the potential of changing things up, including possibly the course of your game’s plot.

And what’s on these cards, you might be asking? Why, special effects, dear DnD player!

Failing a Sleight of Hand might mean breaking the object you were trying to plant onto someone. Succeeding an Intimidation check might make your party channel that agro vibe for the rest of the encounter. There’s even an Acrobatics failure that has you accidentally groin checking yourself and everyone laughing at you.

The one time I WANT someone to try to seduce a dragon in DnD.
This is what you get for picking Johnny Knoxville as your Otherworldly Patron.

The campaign closes on May 28, and has yet to reach its goal as of this article.

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