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Solar Auxilia Support Box Revealed For Legions Imperialis

Games Workshop has revealed a support box for its upcoming, epic-scale game, Legions Imperialis. This one is for the Solar Auxilia faction.

Rapier Batteries

Solar Auxilia Rapier Batteries

The box will include 12 Rapier batteries. Four will have quad launchers, four will have laser destroyers, and four will have mole mortars. They come with optional, tiny Solar Auxiliary soldiers!


Solar Auxilia Tarantulas

There will be 12 Tarantulas in the box; six with lascannon batteries and six with hyperios air-defence missile launchers.


Cyclops vehicles

The box will include Cyclops demolition vehicles. These are remotely piloted drone tanks bearing explosive charges.

The set will have a total of 28 miniatures.

Games Workshop also announced that, while a launch date of August was initially announced, they are now targeting a September release.

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