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SolForge Fusion Releases After Multiple Delays

SolForge Fusion Hybrid Deck Game logo

SolForge Fusion, the latest creation for Richard Garfield (Magic: the Gathering) and Justin Gary (Ascension Deck Building Game) has entered retail after numerous delays. Originally expected to release after Gen Con, SolForge experienced numerous transportation delays including being stuck in a Sait Paul train station for over two weeks! Thankfully, the difficulties have been overcome and SolForge released today, October 27th, nationwide.

Hybrid Deck Game Characteristics

Christened as a Hybrid Deck Game, SolFroge brings together several design elements from other games fused together into a singular creation.

Centrally, SolForge used algorithically-generated cards with over 15,000 distinct cards in the first set. Much like Keyforge, an earlier Garfield effort, each faction deck is a unique unit. Also like Keyforge, faction decks may not be torn down and rebuilt. What you get is what you get.

However, each faction deck only forms half of the deck you play with. You may take any deck of a different faction and Smash them Up. Er, FUSE them together for the game. Both Starter Faction Kits come with 1 each of the 4 factions. A single kit provides players with six possible decks. Adding another raises the possible combinations to 24. The permutations, and replayability, keep rising the more kits you add.

Next, like many deckbuilding games, your deck starts the game small and increases in complexity and ability as events progress. However, unlike most other deckbuilders, SolForge advances in a predictable faction with players unlocking improvements (leveling) at the same time. Creature already in play become more powerful as they are replaced with their up-leveled version. No longer are you at the mercy of card acquisition leading to a runaway effect. Skillful use of your decks is the determinant factor.

Finally, SolForge’s combat mechanics emphasis placement in a multi-lane board. Clear lane let creatures damage the Forgeborn “player”. Meanwhile opposed lanes produce creture conflicts which may change suddenly due to replacements and leveling. You’ll never know just what might happen as each turn begins.

SolForge Fusion availability

Now available at numerous local stores and online retailers, SolForge Starter kits retail at $34.99 and Faction kits at $29.99 MSRP

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