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Some 40k Models Become Legends, Some Enter Last Chance To Buy

The tenth edition of Warhammer 40,000 will include some new sculpts and models. Some of these replace existing models/units, such as Sternguard Veterans, Space Marine Terminators, and the mighty new Ballistus Dreadnought.

Ballistus Dreadnought
The new Ballistus Dreadnought

If you own what will become the “classic” versions of these models, you can still field them in your game, though! And we’re told that specialist versions of dreadnoughts, including the Venerable Dreadnought, will still be available.

GW has emphasized, too, that Tactical Squads will not be going away in tenth edition. In fact you’ll be able to field an army without any Primaris marines if that’s your desire.


Models that don’t have a new profile will still be playable using Legends rules that will be released at the same time as tenth edition 40k. These will be suitable for most non-tournament games and campaigns, but for competitive play they won’t be appropriate, and their rules won’t be as frequently updated as non-Legends units will be.

The Legends rules will be free to download.

Forge World: Last Chance To Buy

Meanwhile, Forge World has announced that they’ll return to focusing on larger kits such as Titans, and stop producing other supplementary models. GW says when future new edits are added, they’ll “almost always” be in the usual polystyrene (non-resin) plastic and provided through GW, not FW. The idea is for FW to concentrate on models that can’t yet be produced at the needed scale. This seems to suggest they’re trying to centralize production and sales back into GW as much as they can.

Below are lists of units now in Last Chance To Buy stats




Already Gone

These models have already left the range and are no longer available, but will still have Legends rules available upon the release of tenth edition.

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