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Space Marine Company Heroes: More Sprues!

This news is mostly sprues (and you know that’s good because it rhymes)! So let’s get right to it.

Space Marine Company Heroes Sprue
Space Marine Company Heroes Sprue

As with the other new Space Marine models, each squad member has options for helmeted or bare heads. The Ancient gets a bolt pistol, bolt rifle, and close combat weapon. The Company Champion gets a bolt pistol and master-crafted power weapon.

One Company Veteran gets a bolt pistol, master-crafted bolt rifle, and close combat weapon. The other one gets the same two small arms as well as a master-crafted heavy bolter.

Captain in Helmet
Captain Detail
Captain Detail
Green Captain

The Captain has a whole lot of options, with three heads, three right-hand weapons, and two left-handed. You can choose scabbard or tabard, too.

Chaplain in Terminator Armor

Chaplain in Terminator Armor

The Chaplain a choice of heads; either the skeletal helmet or a half-face with respirator. He also has two choices of crozius head and a choice of storm bolter or relic shield.

Chaplain Sprue
Chaplain Head 1
Chaplain Head 2
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