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Space Marine Units Releases

In addition to the Codex and Datacards, Games Workshop is releasing three new Space Marine model kits this week. Let’s take a short, highly opinionated, look at them.

Space Marines Primaris Invader ATV

First up, the Primaris Invader ATV aka the Mario-kart. While opinions have been generally down on the appearance of the ATV, I don’t think the same can be said of the expected game play. The Invader doesn’t take the place of the Marine Attack Bike, instead forming the core of a fast moving harasser that opponents cannot ignore.

Now, up to three ATVs forms a unit. They combine a great 14″ move with a rugged stat line; T5 and W8. As Bikers their line doesn’t degrade as they lose wounds and Apothecaries can work their magic on them as well. Finally, armed with a 2-shot Multi-Meltas or a 8-shot Onslaught Gatling Cannon, they’re poised to chew through Vehicles and heavy Infantry alike. Throw in the driver’s twin auto bolt rifle for an extra 4 shots at low Toughness targets for the lols.

Their one drawback is lacking the CORE keyword. However, I expect them to be a unit ranging far from your characters. Enjoy sniping at the flanks, eliminating smaller units, exploding tanks, and drawing the enemy out of position.

Space Marine Primaris Firestrike Servo-Turret

The Space Marine Primaris Firestrike Servo-Turret, just what were you designed for? Space Marines are an elite force using mobility, firepower, and shock to crush their foes. The Firestorm Servo-Turret, meanwhile, feels like a Guard emplacement, slow and brutal.

Alright, so what do we get? Firestorms deploy in units of one to three and won’t move much thereafter. Their M is a mere 3″. However, that mobility got traded for rugged design and accuracy. With a T5, W5, and a Sv 2+, Firestorms won’t be going away quickly. Their Ballistic Skill of 2+ hits even units in cover on a regular basis. Like most Space Marine units, the turrets specialize against Infantry or Vehicles. Ones armed with twin accelerator cannons spew 6 shots each with Strength and Damage to kill Primaris and equivalents easily. Meanwhile, twin las-talons unleash 4 Strength 9, D6 damage shots. On the newer smaller boards, the 24″ range of the las-talon isn’t a marked drawback.

Outside of a Narrative defensive battle, what’s the role of the Firestrike? I envision it placed in a sheltered position, with a clear fire lane to one or more objectives. Their role is to scrub off units trying to claim the objective before they score. Keep your Tech Marine nearby as they are Vehicles for a quick boost or fix. They’re not CORE, so don’t expect them to benefit much from the other characters.

Space Marine Primaris Chaplain on Bike

There really isn’t much to say about the Primaris Chaplain on Bike. He’s a bigger, tougher brother to the regular Chaplain on Bike known and hated by anyone facing Space Marines. Their role is stick with advancing units chanting the Litanies of Battle to boost their brothers in combat. Oh, and get stuck-in right beside them when combat is joined. On the mechanical side, he’s got a total of 7 Wounds, so he’ll be even harder to kill. You’ll be seeing him everywhere.

Thanks for giving us a read. Tell me what I got right or, mostly, wrong in the comments.

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