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Star Trek: Lower Decks RPG Campaign Setting

Modiphius has announced a line of supplements for their popular Star Trek RPG system which will bring the Lower Decks setting into the game. These products will begin release soon and will culminate in the 240 page hardcover, Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide.

Releases will include:

  • Digital crew packs which will include playable main and supporting characters from the show, as well as stats for the show’s ship, USS Cerritos
  • A digital standalone adventure entitled Lurkers
  • A free digital mission pack with 10 mission outlines
  • The full book, Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide

What Is Star Trek: Lower Decks?

Star Trek: Lower Decks is an animated series streaming on Paramount+, bringing comedy and even self-parody and satire directly into the Star Trek expanded universe. The show has been a bit of a surprise hit, and has earned a Primetime Emmy nomination.

Preview Pages

Modiphius released some preview page images, shown below.

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