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Star Wars Miniuatures Moved to Atomic Mass Games

Fans of Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Armada, and Star Wars Legion felt a great disturbance in the force. Control of all three lines moved from their creater, Fantasy Flight Games, to Atomic Mass Games, Asmodee’s minature games studio. Asmodee presents this as a reorganization which frees Fantasy Flight Games to focus on board and card games.

In the same announcement, Asmodee revealed Simone Elliot takes the helm of Head of Studio at Atomic Mass Games. Simone has led Fantasy Flight’s interaction with Lucasfilm Licensing since 2015. Will Shick, Privateer Press alumni, assumes the position of Head of Product Development for the Star Wars games. Several other members of Fantasy Flight creative and development team will also transfer to Atmonic Mass Games.

Travel to Atomic Mass Games for the full press release.

A Question and Answer session by Simone Elliott and Will Shick has also been posted to Atomic Mass Games.

In short, the move allows for greater focus and development from a studio dedicated to miniature games. Development in any game line produces changes. However, focus remains on “…making great games even better”. Finally, while focused on current game lines, Atomic Mass will consider additional titles as appropriate.

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