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Star Wars TCG Announced!

Fantasy Flight Games, publishers of the popular Star Wars TTRPGs, announced this week that they will release an all new classic-style TCG in the iconic franchise. In partnership with LucasFilm Ltd., FFG has spent the last three years developing their new game. Unlike their previous attempt at a Star Wars card game, Star Wars: Destiny, this new game features no neat tricks or gimmicks. It is, FFG promises us, a straightforward and more traditional TCG. The name of this new game? Star Wars: Unlimited. Because of the unlimited possibilities of gameplay and deckbuilding, according to the press release. It’s been in the works for three years, and we can expect it some time in 2024.

Who’s it for?

Like Lorcana with Disney animation, the Star Wars TCG targets both fans of card games and fans of the Star Wars franchise. FFG promises that the game will feature characters, objects and locations from across the full spectrum of the franchise, from movies to comics and more. Yes, fellow Star Wars nerds, that means we may see Legends characters as cards. Right out of the gate, FFG is promising organized competitive play. And like Ravensburger, they’re promising to keep the game accessible and attractive to players and collectors both. Players will find community support plentiful at the LGS level. And for collectors, there are sure to be tons of special art treatments of favorite characters and ships to be snapped up.

What’s in the Star Wars TCG?

Mostly no one knows. The first set is supposed to be 200 cards. Each of those 200 cards features all-new art, commissioned just for Star Wars: Unlimited. On top of that, FFG is putting out special foil and art treatments and, more than likely, promos. Given industry trends, it will be surprising if there are no serialized cards in the first set. Among the types of things featured on the cards are characters, ships, and locations… And that’s basically it.

Can it hold up?

Fantasy Flight Games doesn’t have a great track record with card games. Most recently, they lost KeyForge because of some mysterious production issues. And then there’s the debacle that was Star Wars: Destiny and its weird dice mechanic. One important thing to note about FFG though is that they have a long history with the Star Wars lore, thanks to the TTRPG books. Ultimately, Disney is pulling the strings of anything involving LucasFilm, and with Lorcana poised to be a smash success it’s a bad idea to underestimate Destiny.

This is the part where I usually ask if you’re hyped, and tell you to hit me up on Twitter with comments. But… let’s face it. I know you’re excited about this news. I’m excited about this news. Keep checking back as more information is released this summer about Star Wars: Destiny!

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