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Store In Spain Offering Over Two Million Dollars For One Ring Card

A store in spain, called Gremio de Dragones (Guild Of Dragons) is offering over two million dollars for The One Ring 001/001 card, which will be available as part of Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-Earth, the latest set for the trading card game, Magic: The Gathering.

Only one copy of the card has been made and will be sold, a first-time super-rarity within the set. Offers have already been. made by other parties for 500,000, and then one million, dollars. But so far Gremio de Dragones is making the highest public offer to buy the card from the lucky person who discovers it in a card pack.

Gremio is also offering a paid trip to Valencia and food, in the form of Valencian Paella. They’re offering all of this for a limited time.

Interestingly, the One Ring card (specifically the 001/001 version; they will be other versions in multiple copies too) will only be available in English language packs.

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