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Stronghold Games Embraces AI Art For Terraforming Mars

The latest Kickstarter for the extremely popular Terraforming Mars board game line has, per Kickstarter rules, disclosed that it uses AI art.

Kickstarter campaigns which make such a disclosure also must list answers to two questions within the Kickstarter page. Stronghold’s answers to the second question in particular seem evasive, although the line is so popular it’s hard to say if it will affect them negatively.

Below are Stronghold’s answers.

What parts of your project will use AI generated content?

“We have and will continue to leverage AI-generated content in the development and delivery of this project. We have used MidJourney, Fotor, and the Adobe Suite of products as tools in conjunction with our internal and external illustrators, graphic designers, and marketers to generate ideas, concepts, illustrations, graphic design elements, and marketing materials across all the elements of this game. AI and other automation tools are integrated into our company, and while all the components of this game have a mix of human and AI-generated content nothing is solely generated by AI. We also work with a number of partners to produce and deliver the rewards for this project. Those partners may also use AI-generated content in their production and delivery process, as well as in their messaging, marketing, financial management, human resources, systems development, and other internal and external business processes.”

“The intent of our use of AI is not to replicate in any way the works of an individual creator, and none of our works do so. We were not involved in the development of any of the AI tools used in this project, we have ourselves neither provided works nor asked for consent for any works used to produce AI-generated content. Please reference each of the AI tools we’ve mentioned for further details on their business practices.”

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