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A Tabletop Game You Can Play…Alone?

You know what’s the worst part of playing any sort of tabletop game? Not being able to meet up with your group. (Well, that and accidentally eating your dice, but that’s another bag of hammers.) Maybe it’s a scheduling issue. Or the weather. Or the fact that you just can’t survive on four hours of sleep like you used to.

Thankfully, Caleb Engelke has a very interesting solution for the troubled tabletop gamer: Korg.

Am I the only one hearing metal music right now?

This is easily one of the most curious of curiosities in the tabletop RPG corner of the Kickstarterverse. For one thing, Korg is a game designed to play entirely by yourself. For two, it can fit in your wallet.

Well...certainly less intimidating than the brick than your standard tabletop handbook.

Okay, you’ll need paper, pencil, and dice. But this card alone has everything you need to have a good gaming session. The rules are all listed on the back of this card. (Or rather, cards, considering how many stretch goals this campaign crushed.)

Obviously, Korg is significantly more condensed than a lore-heavy game like Dungeons and Dragons. The premise is simple: you’re a warrior who lives in a world where people work themselves to the bone and the mere idea of retirement is a fever dream. (Okay, who put real life into my fantasy world?) In between flicks of a d6, you have to choose your actions wisely, such as fighting a monster or spending precious money on items.

The Kickstarter campaign closes on December 31, the game and its stretch goal expansions shipping out this February.

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