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Renegade Game Studios to Expand Hasbro-Licensed Games

Renegade Game Studios has announced new Hasbro game titles they’ll be producing. Renegade had recently added Hasbro titles Axies & Allies, Diplomacy, and Acquire to their catalog. Now they’ll be adding Nexus Ops and Vegas Showdown, among others. These games should get released some time in 2024.

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D&D: Cartoon Comic

You may know the 1983 Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from Saturday mornings. Haven’t heard of it? Read on for the tale straight out of most D&D fans’ dreams and how the cartoon is coming back!

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TCG Talk | Magic the Gathering: Universes Beyond

Travel outside familiar worlds to universes undiscovered in the already released and upcoming epic crossovers from Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast with Magic the Gathering: Universes Beyond! Initially announced during a Investor Event held in February of 2021, Universes Beyond is series of products that cross over with other favored properties and integrates their…

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Heroquest Returns As A Crowdfunding Project

Originally published in 1989 Heroquest still retains a strong following both online and on the tabletop. So the announcement of a Hasbro launching a crowdfunding campaign for Heroquest on their proprietary crowdfunding site HasbroPulse stirred the internet. At the time of this writing, Hasbro has already exceeded the original goal and is digging into the…

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