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Warhammer Fest Reveal: 40k Tenth Edition Box, “Leviathan”

This morning at Warhammer Fest in Manchester, GW revealed everything about the tenth edition box, including the new models, the new core book, and more. The set is called Leviathan, and its story is set in the new, Fourth Tyrannic War. And Game Talk Network was there (or at least, I was)! Set Contents The…

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Warhammer Underworlds New Season

The new season of Underworlds adds new actions and new rules to the game. Here’s a quick rundown of these new features. New Actions Stun Your fighter chooses an enemy fighter and applies a Stagger token. This allows you to re-roll one die in an attack or cast roll. Barge Barge is a superaction, like…

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Cubicle 7 To Release Imperium Maledictum RPG in Q4

A new Warhammer 40,000 themed tabletop RPG will hit stores in Q4 of this year (2023). Called Imperium Maledictum, the game will focus on a lower power level than Cubicle 7’s existing 40k RPG, Wrath & Glory. The game is set in the Macharian Sector following the Great Rift. Imperium Maledictum will feature a modified…

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Day 1 Review, Warhammer Fest Online!

Welcome to the Day 1 Review of Warhammer Fest Online! As you might recall, in April Games Workshop paused new releases and preorders for several weeks. While they never ended sneak peeks, The Warhammer Fest marks the start major reveals and a new push of products. All signs point to the resumption of new product…

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Age of Sigmar Holiday Battleforces

You know the holidays are just around the corner when Games workshop teases out the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Holiday Battleforces. This year’s bundles feature four of the Mortal Realms factions. Each battleforce offers a wide selection of powerful and versatile models. Start a new army or expand the one you have. Games Workshop has…

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