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Tales Of The Valiant RPG Kickstarter Launches

Kobold Press today launched its Kickstarter campaign for its new RPG system, Tales Of The Valiant. Described as 5e D&D “with teeth,” the project began during the debacle over Wizards Of The Coast threatening to change the terms of the OGL in way that could have greatly disrupt or possibly destroy third-party content providers like Kobold Press.

While WOTC has greatly softened their approach with the OGL, Kobold has continued to move forward with the development of TOV. The game is designed using the Creative Commons and Open Roleplaying Content licenses, making it safe for third-party developers to market their own content as supplements.

The style of the game is meant to reflect the attitude of Kobold Press’s highly popular products like the Tome Of Beasts series, which offered unique and often highly dangerous monsters for Player Characters to encounter. Kobold tells us that TOV will be completely compatible with other 5e products but designed to give PCs more power at first level, to match the ferocity of the monsters. This is what they’re getting at when talk about a system “with teeth.”

While Kobold Press will provide PDFs of the rules to KS backers, they also fully intend a decent period of playtesting and are including backers in the playtesting if they wish to be involved.

This message has clearly resonated with RPG fans since the project was fully funded in less than half an hour and, at the time of this writing, has already tripled the goal and fulfilled several stretch goals in under one day.

Kickstarter Products

The main items are the Tales Of The Valiant Player’s Guide and the Monster Vault books. Backers can also receive playtester packets, and have access to an alpha release.

Higher pledge levels include licenses for popular Virtual Tabletop systems like Fantasy Grounds and Shard Tabletop.

Third party providers are also involved already, with adventures packs and custom dice.

Find the Kickstarter page here.

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