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TCG Preview | Magic the Gathering: Unfinity

It may be unbelievable, but it’s once again time for the Wizards of the Coast release of the Magic the Gatherings spoof set, this time named Unfinity!

Unfinity takes the players on an intergalactic journey as they travel to a retro sci-fi space circus run by Myra. This is the first spoof set to have a story, which differs from past Un-sets. That’s not the only ‘first’ when it comes to this set as past sets introduced us to very odd mechanics and changes to what we know to be ‘normal’.

One of the biggest changes that players and collectors will notice at first glance is the use of the black border on cards. In the past, cards featured a silver border making them illegal for tournament play, however, things are different this time around with the new border. Players will not only be able to use this set in casual play but also in Eternal Formats (Commander, Vintage, and Legacy). There are still some cards that won’t be playable even in those formats called Acorn Cards (cards that have a foil acorn security stamp) as they will include mechanics that would be near impossible to use in a standard set of Magic.

Another mechanic being introduced is the use of stickers. Players will find cards that have text such as ‘put a name sticker’ on certain cards, giving them boosts or negatives depending on the text. The sticker effects will be able to stack as well. It’s an interesting new ‘gimmick’ that did cause a bit of a drawback for the set as it was originally to be released on April 1st, 2022, but the company who was making the glue went out of business, so Wizards had to find another. Fear not, if you are anything like me and want to keep your cards as minty as possible, the glue will be similar to that of Post It Notes, so they will be easily removable for future play.

Returning to the set is the use of full art lands. They will feature planetoids representing the different colors as well as landscapes of those said planets, but they are not the only lands we are getting. Players and collectors alike are being treated to borderless art variant reprints of Shock Lands. Not only is the art visually stunning, but they provide a certain value and selling point for anyone who may not be interested in the spoof set alone.

Slated for an October 7th, 2022 release, this will be the first time an Un-set gets the Collectors Booster Box treatment which will include 12 packs and a box topper. Each pack will have 15 foil cards and 1 foil token with 3-5 Galaxy Foils and 10-12 regular foils in every pack. You will also be able to purchase these packs by themselves. There will also be more traditional Booster Boxes, or Draft Boxes, available for purchase.

To Unfinity and beyond!!!

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