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Tenth Edition Adepta Sororitas

With their faith to guide them, the Adepta Sororitas enter the tenth edition Warhammer 40,000 fray!

Army Rule: Acts Of Faith

At the start of each turn, and every time one of your units is destroyed, you gain 1 Miracle die, which you roll immediately. You then keep these Miracle dice results in a pool and can choose to substitute one of their values as the result for a die roll, instead of actually making the roll. It’s only available for certain types of rolls, but they’re useful ones, including Hit, Damage, Save, and Wound.

Detachment Rule: The Blood Of Martyrs

Warriors in the Hallowed Martyrs Detachment are only too happy to fight and die for the Emperor, which is reflected in the Blood Of Martyrs rule. This allows you to add 1 to an attack when a unit is below Starting Strength. You also add 1 to the Wound roll if the unit is below half-strength.

Triumph Of Saint Katherine

The Triumph Of Saint Katherine has six relics which the model can use. You can select up to two of them per Battle Round, adapting as you go to grant buffs to nearby units.

Battle Sisters Squad

The Battle Sisters Squad gets a nice Objective Control stat of 2, as well as getting a Miracle die every round for controlling an objective. On top of that, you get Miracle dice for using an Act Of Faith, and another every time a unit is destroyed by the Battle Sisters Squad.

Weapon: Exorcist Conflagration Rockets And Missile Launcher

The Exorcist can choose between a high number of attacks with the Conflagration Rockets, versus Stronger attacks with AP with the Missile Launcher.

Weapon: Morven Vahl’s Lance Of Illumination

Morven Vahl’s Lance Of Illumination gives you a similar choice to make, as well as having the Devastating Wounds ability, meaning a Critical Wound causes a number of Mortal Wounds equal to the weapon’s Damage Stat.

Stratagem: Rejoice The Fallen

Rejoice The Fallen allows one unit to shoot at the end of your opponent’s shooting phase.

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