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Tenth Edition Aeldari

In tenth edition 40k, Aeldari play will revolve around mechanical representations of scrying, foresight, and agility. Their ability to read the Strands Of Fate will be represented by Fate dice.

Strands Of Fate

As you can see, the Aeldari player can keep pushing their luck to try to get better results, but every re-roll of Strands Of Fate is done with one less die.

Once the pool is set, the player can then substitute a Fate Dice result (one fate die) for one die in a pool for various tests, including damage, hit, saves, and others. That Fate Dice result is then spent, and the die is removed from the Fate Dice pool.

Unparalleled Foresight

That’s right, every time a unit shoots or attacks in melee, the player can re-roll one hit and one wound. Foresight further increases the odds for the Aeldari player!


A Farseer in your army gives you a reason to not necessarily drop 1s from your Fate Dice pool, since Branching Fates allows friendly models within 12″ to use any Fate Dice result as a 6.

Additionally, the Fortune ability protects nearby units from wounds.

Guardian Defenders

And this otherwise fairly general unit generates new Fate Dice during the Command phase for holding objectives!

Prism Cannon

The Prism Cannon now comes with a Linked Fire ability, allowing Fire Prism models to chain range and line-of-sight to the target.

Fire And Fade

Aeldari agility is on display with the Fire And Fade stratagem, allowing a unit to move at the end of a shooting phase.

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