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Tenth Edition Chaos Daemons

The Chaos Daemons (Legiones Daemonica in High Gothic) tear at the fabric of reality itself, bringing atrocities to bear in any battle they meet. Let’s take a look at some of the tenth edition stats and rules for this army.

Army Rule: The Shadow Of Chaos

Shadow Of Chaos gives you influence over the table, buffing saves for your army while de-buffing the enemy’s. Your own Deployment Zone is always part of the Shadow, as is No Man’s Land (the area that isn’t any player’s Deployment Zone) if you control at least half of the Objective Markers within it. Further, if you control at least half of the Objective Markers in your opponent’s Deployment Zone, it, too, becomes part of your Shadow.

While within the Shadow Of Chaos, your units get a +1 to their Battle-Shock test rolls and, even better, if they pass, one model in the unit heals D3 wounds. Or, if it’s a Battleline unit, a passed test allows up to D3 destroyed models to come back.

On the other hand, when your opponent is within the Shadow, they get a -1 to their Battle-shock tests and, if failed, get D3 Mortal Wounds.

Detachment Rule: Warp Rifts

Warp Rifts complements the Shadow Of Chaos by allowing Deep Strike units to be up to 6″ away from enemy models, as long as they’re set up within your Shadow Of Chaos.

Army Rule: Daemonic Pact

Daemonic Pact allows you to put Chaos Daemon units in other Chaos armies, limited by the size of the battle and having certain Chaos faction restrictions.

Note that since such an army wouldn’t be comprised entirely of units with the Chaos Daemon faction keyword, that army would not be able to use Shadow Of Chaos.

Keeper Of Secrets

The Keeper Of Secretes is a Greater Daemon who is essentially the avatar of Slaanesh. This is reflected in its speed and grace.


Be’lakor is first of the Daemon Princes, able to move through the battle in shadows. The Shadow Form ability allows him to choose one of three ways to de-buff or hide from enemies.


The Extra Attacks on the Bileblade allow the bearer to use the Bileblade in addition to another weapon used in the same attack.

Skarbrand: Slaughter And Carnage

Skarbrand has a choice of two weapon profiles each time he attacks, so you can choose to trade higher strength and AP for less attacks, or lower strength and AP for more.

Stratagem: Corrupt Realspace

You can use the Corrupt Realspace Stratagem to have one specific Objective Marker’s range become part of your Shadow Of Chaos.

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