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Tenth Edition Chaos Knights

Lacking the nobility of the lofty Imperial Knights, the Chaos Knights are all about unbridled, brutal destruction.

Army Rule: Harbingers Of Dread

Chaos Knights cast an aura that demoralizes their foes, causing de-buffs to Battle-shock roles from their Harbingers Of Dread rule. As combat goes on, it also de-buffs Hit rolls and your models have a greater chance to hit Battle-shocked enemy units.

Detachment Rule: Forged In Terror

Forged In Terror forces Battle-shock tests on your opponent, during their Command Phase.

Knight Despoiler

The Knight Despoiler comes with quite the array of gear options. On top of this, its Seething Hatred ability means that you can re-roll either one Hit or one Wound roll in both Shooting and Fighting phases.

Knight Abominant

The Knight Abominant’s Vortex Terrors ability can force a Battle-shock test on a nearby enemy unit during your Shooting phase.

Desecrator Laser Destructor

With a whopping 18 Strength, the Desecrator Laser Destructor is ready to death-punch enemy units.

Warpstrike Clase

With high strength and damage both, the Warpstrike Claw is more than ready to take on the tougher nature of tenth edition vehicles.

Stratagem: Dread Hounds

Dread Hounds enables War Dog units to act as a pack, and confers Sustained Hits 1 when they do. This means that on a Critical Hit, you get one additional Hit on the target.

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