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Tenth Edition Chaos Space Marines

In the grimdark world of Warhammer 40,000, the biggest threat is the power of Chaos itself. But it’s allying with this very threat that makes Chaos Space Marines what they, and the tenth edition of the game brings rules for this faction that highlight the might of their chosen wickedness.

Army Rule: Dark Pacts

Dark Pacts ability allows you to choose either Lethal Hits (Critical Hits automatically Wound) or Sustained Hits 1 (A Critical Hit scores an extra Hit). This ability will last until the end of the Shooting or Fight phase in which it’s invoked.

There’s a price exacted by the Ruinous Powers, though; you must take a Leadership test and, if you fail, suffer D3 Mortal Wounds.


Legionaries offer a host of weapon options to deal with almost any situation.

Abaddon The Despoiler

Abaddon has a choice of three Warmaster abilities in each Command phase. These help buff friendly units nearby. And with Dark Destiny, when Abaddon passes a Leadership test triggered by Dark Pact, you actually gain a Command Point!

Heldrake Baleflamer

The Baleflamer has Torrent, meaning it hits automatically, and with D6+3 attacks and Ignores Cover, this weapon is hell on Infantry.

Obliterator Fleshmetal Guns

Fleshmetal Guns offers a few different deadly profiles with differing abilities to adapt to the changing battlefield.

Stratagem: Dark Obscuration

Dark Obscuration is an example of a Faction ability that is even more effective on a specific sub-faction (in this case, Nurgle), though any Chaos Marines can use it. There are five (out of six) Chaos Marine Stratagems that target specific sub-factions in this way.

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