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Tenth Edition Genestealer Cults

In tenth edition Warhammer 40,000, the Genestealer Cults remain cunning, zealous, and dangerous!

Army Rule: Cult Ambush

With Cult Ambush, when a Genestealer Cults unit is destroyed, there’s a chance of an ambush somewhere else. Battleline units have a better chance of this than others. If you make the roll, you get to place a Cult Ambush marker (32mm in size) on the battlefield somewhere 9″ from enemy units. Enemy models that end any move within 9″ of a Cult Ambush marker will cause it to be removed, but if it’s still there at the end of your opponent’s next Reinforcements step (in the Movement phase), you can put any unit of yours in Cult Ambush on that marker. The unit gets its full wounds back. Note that Characters aren’t returned with units that come back on a Cult Ambush marker.

Detachment Rule: They Came From Below

They Came From Below allows units that are set up as Reinforcements to gain Sustained Hits 1 (meaning a critical hit will cause an additional hit) and Ignores Cover until the end of your next Fight phase. This applies to anything considered set up as Reinforcements, so that would include Cult Ambush units when they return to the battlefield!

Army Rule: Brood Brothers

Genestealer Cult armies can still include Astra Militarum units with the Brood Brothers rule. These are troops that have been successfully recruited into the Cult. Some units are restricted, and the amount of points you can spend on Brood Brother recruits is also restricted, by the game size.

Neophyte Hybrids

These units can already use the Cult Ambush rule. But Cult Icon allows you to return three destroyed models to a surviving unit. If the unit is within range of an Objective Marker you control, then it becomes D3+3 models! (This ability does not include attached Character models). Cult Ambush might give your opponent the idea to whittle down unit numbers without fully destroyed them, to avoid their return, however Cult Icon can put a damper on that plan.


The might Patriarch can give Devastating Wounds to an attached unit, meaning that when that unit scores a Critical Wound, the target gets Mortal Wounds equal to the weapon’s Damage stat.

Reductus Saboteur: Demolition Charges And Remote Explosives

Demolition Charges can only be used once per game, but look utterly devastating. The Blast keyword means the weapon is better when shooting at hordes, as it will get an additional Attack for every five models in the target unit. Meanwhile, Remote Explosives has Blast as well as Indirect Fire, which means you can target units to which you don’t have line-of-sight, although at a -1 penalty, and the target gains Benefit Of Cover.

Abominant: Power Sledgehammer

The Abominant wields a Power Sledgehammer with some mighty stats, including AP -2 and D6+1 Damage.

Stratagem: Coordinated Trap

With Coordinated Trap, two units that haven’t shot or fought this phase can select one enemy unit to target. Until the end of the phase, your units can only target the selected enemy (if it can be targeted), but they add 1 to Wound rolls for these attacks.

Stratagem: Tunnel Crawlers

Tunnel Crawlers allows a unit arriving through Deep Strike to set up a mere 3″ away from enemy models (though the unit cannot declare a charge in the same turn).

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