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Tenth Edition Grey Knights

As you might expect, the Grey Knights will be especially good at fighting daemons, but they’re also going to be fast and teleporty.

Army Rule: Teleport Assault

Teleport Assault allows you to remove non-engaged units from the battlefield after your opponent’s turn, to have them appear later in the Reinforcements step of your next turn. Just how many units depends on the size of the game.

This ties in nicely with the fact that every Infantry unit in the army will have Deep Strike as a standard ability.

Detachment Rule: Teleport Shunt

Building on the other teleporting capabilities, a detachment with Teleport Shunt gets a straight 6″ of movement (no dice-rolling) when advancing. If that’s not enough, they can Fly.

Purgation Squad

Purgation Squads benefit from Astral Aim which gives them the Indirect Fire ability if the target is visible to any other (friendly) Grey Knights Psyker units. This means they can shoot at units they can’t see but get a -1 hit penalty and the target gains Benefit Of Cover. Since their army rule allows them to teleport, these knights can set up quite the ambush!

Grand Master

Strapped into the iconic Nemesis Dreadknight suit, the Grand Master can use Surge Of Wrath once per round during the Fight phase to re-roll Hit, Wound, and Damage rolls against Monsters and Vehicles, making it capable of taking on some of the biggest enemies.

Purifier Squad: Purifying Flame

Purifier Squads have a psychic flame attack which is powerful against infantry and Ignores Cover.

Stratagem: Haloed In Soulfire

Haloed In Soulfire ensures your teleporting or deep-striking units don’t get caught in fire when leaping about the battlefield, making them un-shootable after dropping back onto the board.

Stratagem: Radiant Strike

Radiant Strike gives a Psyker unit’s Psychic melee weapons Devastating Wounds for one Fight phase. This means that Critical Wound rolls cause Mortal Wounds equal to the weapon’s Damage stat.

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