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Tenth Edition Imperial Agents

Imperial Agents aren’t an army of their own, so they won’t have Detachment rules or their own Stratagems. These units are meant to be used in other Imperial armies.

Army Rule: Assigned Agents

This rule limits how many Imperial Agents can be included based on the size of the game. Note that to include an Agent, every model in your army must have the Imperium keyword.

Vindicare Assassin

The Vindicare Assassin’s ranged weapons have Precision, allowing them to allocate Wounds directly to a Character in an Attached unit. And the Lone Operative ability means the Assassin cannot be targeted by any unit that isn’t within 12″ of it.


Maybe the niftiest thing about the Inquisitor is that whenever it uses a Stratagem, it has a chance of getting a Command Point back (on a three or better).

Imperial Navy Breachers

Imperial Navy Breachers are great at obtaining and holding Objectives. They can re-roll Wound rolls against units within range of Objective Markers (and can re-roll Wound rolls of 1 against any target) and have an Objective Control stat of 2.

Inquisitor Greyfax

A renowned witch-hunter, Inquisitor Greyfax can give all models in a unit she is attached to the Anti-Psyker 4+ ability on ranged weapons. This means that when attacking Psykers, any unmodified wound roll of four or better automatically becomes a Critical Wound.

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