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Tenth Edition Imperial Knights

Imperial knights are not just about size, tankiness, and firepower, but also about their honor, formally presented as the Code Chivalric. In tenth edition this appears as an in-game Army Rule along with other complementary supporting buffs for models.

Code Chivalric

Piloting a Knight comes with obligations but also rewards for meeting those obligations. At the start of the game you’ll need to select one of two oaths. Each offers a special Oath Ability but demands a Deed. If the deed is completed, you become Honoured and gain a mighty 3 Command Points at your next Command phase.

Noble Lance

When your army is Honoured, all Imperial Knight models have their Feel No Pain target reduced to 5+.

Armiger Warglave

Armigers, which are basically the Knights’ version of line soldiers, now have a Tougness upgrade and a larger Objective Control stat (8), making them better at holding strategic ground.

Canis Rex

Canix Rex now has a Freedom’s Hand attack capable of doing 45 damage to a single target, or mowing down squads of troops. Sir Hekhtur, we’re told, remains in the mix as his datasheet is on the back of the Canis Rex card.

Knight Valiant: Thundercoil Harpoon

This already devastating weapon now has greater Strength and Damage stats and is capable of dealing more Wounds.

Knight Paladin: Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon

The Rapid-Fire Battle Cannon has a more narrow variance, but offers more chances of success with shots. It also has the new Blast keyword, which means it adds one to the Attack weapon stat for every five models in the target unit. This means it can also be effective against hordes.


Shoulder The Burden

Knights sometimes pursue honor by pushing their machines to the limit. Shoulder The Burden allows you to improve a Knight model’s Move, Toughness, Leadership, and OC stats by 1. It also adds 1 to the Hit roll for each attack. This stratagem can only be used on a Knight that has been wounded, and only lasts until the next Command phase.

This stratagem can only be used once per game, or twice if your army is Honoured.

Trophy Claim

During a Shooting or Fighting phase, Trophy Claim allows a model to add 1 to its Wound roll against a declared Monster or Vehicle target. If that target is destroyed in the same phase, you gain a Command Point. But if not, you can’t use this stratagem for the rest of the game.

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