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Tenth Edition Necrons

Necrons are notoriously hard to kill (I mean, they’re dead already, really) and this is still the case in Warhammer 40,000’s tenth edition.

Army Rule: Reanimation Protocols

Necron Army Rule: Reanimation Protocols

This one has been around a while, but it’s simplified in tenth edition, and more beneficial. In every Command phase, every unit with the complementary Reanimation Protocols ability can heal D3 Wounds. On top of that, a model in the unit that still isn’t up to full health gets the rest of its wounds back. Or if there’s no such model, then an entire model can come back to life with one Wound left.

Detachment Rule: Command Protocols

Necron Detachment Rule: Command Protocols

Command Protocols allows a Bodyguard unit (unit merged with a Character model) +1 on Hit rolls on every attack.


Necron Monolith Datasheet

The Monolith has a mighty Objective Control stat of 8, and functions as both a tank equipped with some deadly weapon options, as well as a Transport. If that’s not enough, Eternity Gate can beam reinforcements right to the Monolith!

Necron Warriors

Necron Warriors Datasheet

Necron Warriors are pretty basic soldiers in most ways, but Their Number Is Legion raises the recovered Wounds from Animation Protocols to D6, instead of D3. And it’s even better when in range of a controlled Objective marker, reanimating D3+3 Wounds instead, so always a minimum of 4.

Doomsday Ark: Doomsday Cannon

Necron Doomsday Cannon Datasheet

This weapon has a crazy Strength 15, along with the Blast ability (which adds 1 to its Attacks for every five models in the target unit). On top of that, when the Doomsday Ark remains stationary, the weapon gains Devastating Wounds (Critical Wounds inflict a number of Mortal Wounds equal to the Damage stat).

C’Tan Shard Of The Void Dragon: Spear Of The Void Dragon

A spear with Anti-Vehicle 2+ (unmodified Wound rolls of 2 or better are Critical Wounds) when used with Strike! Or use Sweep to get through Infantry.

Stratagem: Protocol Of The Hungry Void

Protocol Of The Hungry Void makes melee weapons get nasty with a +1 strength and, if a Character is leading the unit, AP improved by 1.

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