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Tenth Edition Orks

The latest reveal for Warhammer 40,000 tenth edition armies is those lovable kooks, the Orks! As you may know, Orks are all about the Waaagh and these rules centralize on that theme.

Army Rule: Waaagh!

You can only call Waaagh once per game, so be sure to choose it at the right time! It’s a big surge making all your Orks especially aggressive and harder to kill, conferring the ability to both Advance and Charge in the same turn, a +1 to Strength and Attacks for melee weapons, and a 5+ invulnerable save.

Detachment Rule: Get Stuck In

With Get Stuck In, Ork melee weapons get Sustained Hits 1, meaning that when they crit they do one extra hit. In a big unit a whole lot more sixes are possible!

Beast Snagga Boyz

They’ve got two OC, making them great for holding Objectives, and the Monster Hunters ability makes them great against Monsters or Vehicles.

Ghazghkull Thraka

All the stats are impressive, but Gork’s Claw looks especially mighty! And check out how he buffs friendlies, particularly when a Waaagh has been called. Ghazghkull’s banner confers Lethal Hits to Orks within 12″ of Makari, which gives critical hits automatic wounds.

Stompa Weapons

Here’s a look at a couple of the weapons on the tenth edition Stompa model.



Rukkatruck Squigbuggy Weapon: Squig Launchas

Indirect Fire means the buggy won’t need line of sight to fire the Squig Launchas, but takes a -1 BS penalty when using the ability and the target gains Benefit Of Cover.


Orks Is Never Beaten

This stratagem gives a unit the ability to clap back even while dying. A model in the target unit that hasn’t fought in the phase, if destroyed, still has a chance to answer the attack before being removed from play.

‘Ere We Go

This stratagem makes your Orks speedier, adding 2 to Advance and Charge rolls. Combining this with a Waaagh can really get your Orks across the board!

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