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Tenth Edition Space Marines

The first faction reveal for the tenth edition of Warhammer 40,000, fittingly, was for the iconic Space Marines army. These warriors will feel tougher in tenth edition, with many of the units having a higher Toughness stat while the game weapons in general will have a reduction in Armor Penetration. This should make Space Marines feel more redoubtable than they have in some time.

There will be Detachment Rules for general Chapters, as well as Detachment Rules specific to the more famous and unique chapters such as Space Wolves and Blood Angels.

Army Rule: Oath Of Moment

Oath Of Moment allows your army to pile on one chosen enemy unit, giving you the ability to re-roll Hit and Wound rolls targeting that unit.

Detachment Rule: Gladius Task Force Combat Doctrines

This Gladius Task Force Detachment Rule gives you a choice of one of three Combat Doctrines at the beginning of each Command phase. You can, however, only use each Doctrine once per game. Each of these gives your Marines a certain swiftness and a quick ability to strike.

Land Raider

The Assault Ramp has returned to the Land Raider tank. This allows a unit to declare a charge even after it disembarks from the Land Raider and makes a normal Move.

Roboute Guilliman

Supreme Strategist means Guilliman can use a Stratagem for free (0 Command Point cost) on an individual, friendly Marines unit within 12″. It can even be a Stratagem you already used in the same phase.

The stats on his weapons, too, speak to his Primarchy mightiness.

Redemptor Dreadnought: Heavy Onslaught Gatling Cannon

With 12 shots at Strength 6, this is a great anti-horde weapon. It’s also effective against heavy armor due to Devastating Wounds, which causes the target Mortal Wounds equal to the weapon’s attack damage.

Repulsor Executioner: Heavy Laser Destroyer

Vehicle Toughness is generally increased in tenth edition models, so some weapons have gotten a boost in strength. The Heavy Laser Destroyer is one such weapon.

Gladius Task Force: Only In Death Does Duty End

This stratagem lets you a model of yours get a last Fight attack in at an enemy who has destroyed (or will have destroyed).

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