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Tenth Edition T’au Empire

The Greater Good, the guiding principle of the T’au Empire, brings its influence into tenth edition with new rules for this adaptable army.

Army Rule: For The Greater Good

It’s the nature of T’au members to cooperate, and this is reflected in their army rule, For The Greater Good. It offers shooting buffs to target units that a cooperating friendly unit can also target (but also imposes nerfs to attacking other other targets). If the Guided has Markerlight the shot also Ignores Cover.

Detachment Rule: Kauyon

If you survive to see a third round, the Kauyon rule blesses you with Sustained Hits 1, or Sustained hits 2 for a Guided unit. This means that for each Critical Hit scored, an additional hit is scored with it (or two, for Sustained Hits 2).

Pathfinder Team

The Pathfinder Team is an example of a new approach to Drones. They’re no longer separately statted models, but instead appear as wargear options directly for a unit.

Hammerhead: Railgun

Despite tenth edition being generally less deadly, the Railgun is still a formidable anti-tank weapon.

Stormsurge: Pulse Blast Cannon

The Pulse Blast Cannon brings even greater power to bear on vehicles.

Stratagem: Combat Embarkation

With Combat Embarkation, you can frustrate your opponent by having a unit disappear into a nearby Transport after a charge is declared against them.

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