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Tenth Edition Thousand Sons

The Thousand Sons are the psychic sorcerers of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, channeling the transforming powers of Tzeentch to wreak destruction, and their tenth edition rules place this capacity front and center.

Army Rule: Cabal Of Sorcerers

Models with Cabal Of Sorcerers together generate a pool of Cabal points which can be spent on one of a list of Rituals. The Rituals can be performed by any Cabal Of Sorcerers model, and an individual Ritual can only be used once per phase. These Rituals give powerful temporary abilities to models within range of the performing psyker. These include using a Stratagem for zero CP (free), even if it’s a Stratagem you already used in the same phase, and even directly inflicting mortal wounds.

Detachment Rule: Kindred Sorcery

Kindred Sorcery grants abilities to psychic weapons, basically your choice of:

  • Lethal Hits: Critical hits automatically wound (no wound roll)
  • Sustained Hits 1: A critical hit scores one additional hit (for a total of 2)
  • Devastating Wounds: On a critical hit, the target suffers mortal wounds equal to the attack damage and the attack sequence ends

Azhek Ahriman

Ahriman adds a mighty three points to the Cabal pool. He can also cast a Ritual for free (0 Cabal points).

Rubric Marines

The Rubric Marines not only generate Cabal points (through their Aspiring Sorcerer leader) and can use Rituals, but the anti-infantry 4+ key on the Warpsmite weapon allows it to score automatic wounds on a hit roll of four or better.

Mutalith Vortex Beast

Warp Vortex

The Warp Vortex gives you a choice of three types of attack:

  • Blast: The Blast keyword means that for every five models in the target unit, you add one to the Attacks stat of the weapon. For example, targeting a unit with five models would increase the Warp Vortex’s blast to have D6+4 attacks, while a target unit with ten would be D6+5 attacks, and so on.
  • Beam: The Devastating Wounds keyword means a critical wound roll for Warp Vortex’s beam would inflict D6+6 Mortal Wounds.
  • Torrent: The Torrent keyword means automatic hits (hence the BS of stat of ‘N/A’). And, of course, Ignores Cover means exactly what it sounds like.

Immaterial Flare

The Mutalith Vortex Beast also boosts the range of Rituals done by models within 6″ of it.

Stratagem: Psychic Dominion

The Thousand Sons aren’t only psychically aggressive, but they can also be resistant to psychic attacks against them, using the Psychic Dominion stratagem. When this is used, attacks from psychic weapons become Hazardous, which means that the weapon might just mortally wound or kill the shooter (perhaps on a roll of one, though this information hasn’t been released yet). Additionally, all models in the unit gain Feel No Pain 4+ against psychic attacks.

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